A Whole Lot More Cooperation

Cooperating HandsA Whole Lot More Cooperation

Lyrics Copyright 2015

by Peter Bergel

Tune: A Whole Lot More of Jesus and a Lot Less Rock’n’Roll

From the album “Peace Is Where You Make It”


Domination is all around us

Takin’ shapes that are too many to name

It’s built right into our culture

And we’ve all gotta share the blame



We need love instead of profits

And we got to make this our creed

We need a whole lot more cooperation

And a lot less corporate greed.


We got to put away the carbon-based power

We got to put away the nuclear bomb

We got to figure how to feed the hungry

Not blow the world to Kingdom Come




I don’t work for a big corporation

Won’t let the fat cats steal my sweat

The system doesn’t work for poor folks

And I’m not about to work for it




You know we’ve got to protect our planet

‘Cause it’s the only one that we’ve got

We can’t put poison into our water

And make our air radioactively hot.



2 thoughts on “A Whole Lot More Cooperation

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    Peter, this would be a cool song for our CCTV program to share with viewers, together with one from Woody Guthrie and another from Pete Seeger–your choice. You might tell a bit about these folk music icons and how they aroused our collective social conscience. Let’s weave your personal immersion into the wider fabric of music as a wonderful accessory to promote awareness of myriad social injustices. Back in my relative youth I designed a symbolic crest with the masks of comedy and tragedy juxtaposed on scales of justice. That image has propelled me since the 1950’s.

    I feel honored by your coming appearance. –Lee


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