Permission to Use Peter’s Songs

Permission is hereby given to sing these songs in any community context. Recording them or selling them in any form requires written permission.


Catalog of Peter’s Songs

The Carbon Blues (Climate Change)

Leave It in the Ground (Climate Change)

Mad as Hell (Various Issues)

Never Enough (Various Issues)

Make It Funny (Various Issues)

Madmen at the Throttle (Unaccountable Government)

The Man Who Outed the Snoops (Government Spying)

Peace is Where You Make It (Peace)

A Whole Lot More Cooperation (Peace and Cooperation)

Please Share My Dream (Democracy)

Thou Shalt Not Kill (Capital Punishment)

Got No Home So I Got No Rights (Homelessness)

Medicare for All (Health Care)

Things About Comin’ My Way (Health Care)

The Corporation Blues (Corporate Abuses)

Angst from the First World (Privileged Entitlement)

Stand Up for Standing Rock (Standing Rock resistance to DAPL)

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