Make It Funny

Crazy faceMake It Funny

Copyright 2015 by Peter Bergel





C                                                      A

If you wake up in the morning feeling bad


Kinda sad and kinda mad

G                                     G7                          C       G7 C

And then you find the taxes stole all your money


You can growl and look on the darkest side

And curse until you’re feeling fried

Or take my friend’s advice and make it funny


The elephant’s dumb and you cannot bear it

The donkey’s chicken and you don’t care if

It rains but global warming’s made it sunny


You’ve spoiled your child by sparing the rod

Says the preacher on the radio who thinks he’s God

There’s nothing left to do but to make it funny.


There’s war and warming from there to here

But we’re s’posed to worry about married queers

The idiocy all around is simply stunning


The war on drugs is nothin’ but whacko

But we subsidize growing tobacco

Sometimes it’s quite a challenge to make it funny.


“A few good men” says a deadpan adman

As he sends us to war in Afghanistan

Sometimes it’s not funny, it’s just funky.


And as if that wasn’t bad enough

He thinks war with Russia’s just the right stuff

So I looked up on my back and there’s a monkey.


So I come right back to the place I started

Just because I want to live open-hearted

There’s nothing left to do but to make it funny. (Repeat last verse)

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