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Madmen at the Throttle

Cheney & BushMadmen at the Throttle

                                                   Copyright 2015 by Peter Bergel

From the album “Peace Is Where You Make It”


Em                                         A7

I’m just a guy who likes the Bill of Rights

Em                                            A7

I’m getting’ so worried I can’t go to sleep at night


My country’s paranoid, too obsessed with being strong,


They’ve gotten so confused that they can’t tell right from wrong. They’re just..



Em                                      A

Madmen at the throttle, drunk drivers at the wheel

Em                                                  A

Junkies in the pilot’s seat don’t ask us how we feel.


We know if nothing changes, we’ll all be out of luck,

A                                                  A7               Em

‘Cuz all they want to do is just roll us for a buck.


Well I woke up this mornin’, the news was all bad

The President was spendin’ all the money we had

Tryin’ to make our country world’s scariest hoodlum

He’s writin’ us a ticket straight to Kingdom Come. He’s a …




The reason for this madness they say is terrorists

That excuse, since 911, replaces “communists”

Everything we do they want to manipulate

It’s just another way for them to tell us who to hate. They’re just…




They say that we should trust ‘em with our security

They know best, they tell us, just how to keep us free

Their answer to our problems is find someone to erase

They can’t see the main threat though it’s right there in their face. I say they’re…




They’re pointing to Al Qaeda, tellin’ us to be real scared

‘Cuz if they get the upper hand then no one will be spared

But folks we’ve got priorities we’ve got to rearrange

‘Cuz we’re lookin’ down the barrel of global climate change. They’re just…



Leave It in the Ground

This climate change song has a singable chorus that people pick up quickly.

Leave it in the GroundLeave It in the Ground


Copyright Peter Bergel 2015

From the album “Peace Is Where You Make It


Click here to see Peter Bergel teaching the chorus and leading a participating audience in singing this song.

Em                                                          D                      Em
Tearing off your mountain tops delights Peabody Coal
D                           Em
They don’t care about the mess that’s building their bankroll
G                        D                       C                      B7
But if a global meltdown only makes you frown,
Em                                                                    D         Em
Maybe you should tell ‘em just to leave it in the ground.

G                                          C
Leave it in the ground, leave it in the ground
It really doesn’t matter how much coal (2-gas, 3-fuel, 4-fuel) you’ve found
G                                                    C                           G
Financial domination will do in all creation
                                                                  D                        G
So change your frackin’ ways and leave it in the ground.

People ‘round the country can light water from their taps
Fracking natch’ral gas makes their environment collapse
Perhaps it’s not so natch’ral if it makes nature come unwound
We’d all be better off just to leave it in the ground.

Chorus (gas)

If we burn the fossil fuels that they’ve already found
Our planet will heat up so much that we won’t be around
This message from the dinosaurs I will now expound:
You really better tell them to leave it in the ground.

Chorus (fuel)

We’ve all seen the fires, floods, the droughts and super storms, Even
Dittohead deniers know that this is not the norm
Unless we take some action and help nature to rebound
She’ll retaliate and she’ll leave us in the ground.

Chorus (fuel)

The Carbon Blues

CarbonThe Carbon Blues

                                        Original Song by Huddie Ledbetter, New Words Copyright 2015 by Peter Bergel

From the album “Peace Is Where You Make It”


Key of E


I told ‘em no
I don’t want it no more
I don’t want carbon power
C7       B7             E
In my land no more.


We all enjoy our comfort,

And we all want to be cool

That’s how we got addicted
To these poisoned fossil fuels


The power bosses tell us
You know you are our slave
You cannot escape us
Until you’re in your grave…


Now you might be a lib’ral
Or a conservative
But are you just a fossil
Or do you use alternatives?


I’ve gotta keep on singin’
Tell everyone the news
So you can understand
Why I’ve got these Carbon Blues