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Things About Comin’ My Way

Health Care Reform buttonThings About Comin’ My Way

Original Words and Melody by Tampa Red

Some New Words and Bridge by Peter Bergel

From the album “Peace Is Where You Make It”

E                                                 E7

Ain’t got no money, can’t buy no grub

A                                  A7                  A

Backbone and navel doin’ the belly rub

E                                   B      Bb A

But after all my hard trav’lin’

E                      B7            E       C7  B7

Things about comin’ my way.


My sister was sick, doctor wouldn’t come

Because we could not pay him the proper sum

But after all my hard trav’lin’

Things about comin’ my way.



                A                                       A7

I got to thinkin’ it sure don’t seem right

          E                                                       E7

That poor folks must choose between health care and light

F#                                                                     F#7

I got to thinkin’ some more and didn’t seem fair


That all of our people can’t get Medicare


When your body is sick and the cupboard is bare

You don’t want insurance, you want real health care

‘Cause after all your hard trav’lin’

Things about coming’ your way.


So you got to lobby, got to speak up loud

What you can’t do alone, sure can do with a crowd

And after all your hard trav’lin’

Things about comin’ your way.


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                                   Medicare for All

                                            Copyright 2015 by Peter Bergel

From the album “Peace Is Where You Make It

Listen to Dr. Atomic’s Medicine Show play this song.

G                            Em               Am
Tell me how this sounds for health care
C                                                                     D
You’re covered just as soon as you are born
G                           Em              Am
Paying for it no longer is a nightmare
C                                                            D
Your bills don’t read like economic porn

Medicare for you
Medicare for me
C                        Em
Medicare’s the kind of care
Am                        D
That everybody needs.

G                              Em                         Am
Obamacare beats out the former system
C                                                  D
But it’s still run by corporate greed
G                                     Em       Am
Fairness means we’ve got to resist ‘em
C                                               D
Medicare for all is what we need


And don’t be afraid of the S-word
Not if you got here on a public street
Don’t let your thinking be censored
By right-wing nuts and corporate elites.


Don’t vote against your best interests
Insurance profits don’t help you get well
The fear that’s created by alarmists
Is all just to make you buy the scam they sell.


You say you don’t want health care to be rationed
Guess what, my friend, it already is
But reserving health for rich folks is old fashioned
Let’s give it to the people not big biz

Chorus, then:

C           Am                  D                 G
It’s the kind of care everybody needs.