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Never Enough

Man Eating the WorldNever Enough

Copyright Peter Bergel 2015




From the album “Peace Is Where You Make It


Holes in the ozone, old growth at the mill,

Israel and Palestine are screaming for a kill,

Oil on the ocean, critters dyin’ in the spill,

Maybe we could stop it, but we haven’t got the will.

Can’t even stop spendin’ to curb the deficit

If you can’t dig that, maybe you can dig this:

There’s plenty in the world for everybody’s need,

But there’ll never be enough for anybody’s greed.



Half of all our taxes go to build an iron fist

To strike against the enemy and now he don’t exist,

And still our leaders tell us we had better not desist,

In order to be safe you gotta be a pessimist.

I’m looking for some courage and a little leadership –

Someone up in Washington who hasn’t lost his grip –

Who’ll crack the books of history and there will plainly read

That there’ll never be enough for anybody’s greed



If you really love your country, if you love your Uncle Sam,

And you want to see us keepin’ up with China and Japan

Then you better raise your voices just as loud as e’er you can

And let ‘em know in Washington you want to see a plan

For doing something different, something braver than before,

Something more constructive than plannin’ for a war

Tell ‘em you won’t follow unless you see ‘em lead

‘Cause there’ll never be enough for anybody’s greed.



We gotta clean the water and we gotta clean the air,

Shelter all the homeless, get the streets in good repair,

Give the kids a reason to stay away from drugs

Like hope and opportunity and love and lots of hugs;

So don’t you ever tell me there’s not enough to do

Take the money from the war heads, it came from me and you;

But while you’re makin’ changes, be clean in thought and deed

‘Cause there’ll never be enough for anybody’s greed.