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Thou Shalt Not Kill

Ten Commandments w/ VI HighlightedThou Shalt Not Kill

                                                          Copyright 2015 by Peter Bergel

From the album “Peace Is Where You Make It”


D                                Bm                  G                             A

Ron Williamson of Oklahoma was 12 years on death row

D                                      Bm           E                      A

Then they checked the DNA and had to let him go.




What (pause) do our religions say?

G                                A

Thou shalt not kill is God’s command.


What (pause) do our religions say?

E                                   A

Thou shalt not kill is God’s command.

G                                      A                (hold the A 4 beats)

So what part of “Thou shalt not kill”

       G                     D

Don’tcha understand?


Millions lie in prison in the land of the free

And there’s millions spent each time we turn that final key




More are in our prisons than teachers in high schools

Do we think the world respects that? If we do then we’re just fools.




More than half the people in this rich and blessed land

Still believe in killer punishment; it’s time to take a stand!

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