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Got No Home So I Got No Rights

Homeless NeighborGot No Home So I Got No Rights

                                                            Copyright 2015 by Peter Bergel

From the album “Peace Is Where You Make It”


Am                                            E

Missed a payment on my rent

E                                           Am

Landlord he’s no gentle gent

Am                                      E

Put me out without a cent

D                               D7                          Am

‘Cause I missed a payment on my rent.    



D                               Am

I got no home so I got no rights

D                                    Am

Cops tear down our cold campsites

D                                Am

Got no water, no heat, no lights

E                                               Am 

Got no home so I got no rights.



Please don’t look down your nose at me

Sometimes life treats us brutally

Maybe there were too many mouths to feed

Maybe it was someone’s lechery.


Havin’ nowhere to sleep is now a crime

It’s hard to cope in wintertime

I’d like to head for a warmer clime

But I don’t even have a dime.




Not homeless ‘cause I like to roam

Don’t have some kind of fancy syndrome

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with my chromosomes

I’m homeless ‘cause I got no home.


Lost my home to bankruptcy

Now I got no place to pee

Two things could make you just like me

Foreclosure paired with poverty.


Chorus, then:

D                          Am 

Yeah, I got no rights. (3x)


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